First 'Fundamentals of Conducting' Workshop a Resounding Success

On June 4-8, 2018, Miguel Harth-Bedoya directed the first "Fundamentals of Conducting" workshop, a three-day seminar which he developed, presented in partnership with The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra and Texas Christian University. The workshop taught and directed by Harth-Bedoya, included 77 participants (male and female) from North America, as well as two students from Peru and Kazakhstan respectively. Harth-Bedoya’s goal with the Workshop was to recruit and focus on raw talent from high school age onwards, rather than on musicians with previously acquired knowledge. The workshop presented a balance between theory and practice, and consisted of both in-classroom seminars and lab-oriented ensemble sessions. Participants were chosen for individual podium time based on their contributions, class attendance, and overall preparation of the repertoire. 

Feedback from the Workshop was overwhelmingly enthusiastic, with educators and students commenting: 

“The conducting workshop was a unique experience and a wonderful opportunity for so many young musicians to have that kind of exposure.” 

“The feeling of being one of many apprentices doing hands-on work with a mentor, like the old Renaissance guild model, set the perfect stage for engagement and learning in the right kind of way.”

I wanted to get back to the fundamentals and find renewed refinement. The workshop certainly did not disappoint. I learned so many things I didn’t expect to learn.” 

“The Q&A sessions with you and the orchestra were extremely valuable, and I appreciated very much that your teaching was geared towards serving the music.”