June 1-20, 2020

Fort Worth, TX

I am delighted to announce this three-week Institute, which I developed to focus on all levels of experience,

putting strong emphasis on the foundations of orchestral conducting.


Teaching Initiatives:

I deeply believe that all who wish to learn to conduct, at any age or level of experience, should have a gateway to do so. After three decades of professional conducting, I am dedicated to educating musicians at all levels. 

My own teacher, Maestro Otto-Werner Mueller, and my mentor Maestro Kurt Masur, were sources of great inspiration to me. They taught me to have great respect for the music written by others, and to be responsible and passionate in passing this information and knowledge onwards.

My initiatives have included:

  • Distinguished Guest Professor of Conducting, Texas Christian University

  • Conducting Fellowship Program, Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra

  • Master classes at various international festivals

  • Lecturer at various institutions including: Regents Lecturer, UCLA; Smithsonian Institution/National Museum of the American Indian; New Mexico History Museum; National Geographic “Peruvian Gold” Exhibit, Irving Arts Center; University of Oregon

Fundamentals of Conducting

I developed "Fundamentals of Orchestral Conducting" as a workshop series with the goal of inspiring talented musicians of high school age and above to learn and explore the art of conducting and the duties of a professional conductor. The workshops presented an overview of the basic elements and foundations of orchestral conducting and developed basic knowledge and guidance of score study, conducting techniques, overall musicianship, and leadership. The first workshop took place in June 2018, and was presented in partnership with The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra and Texas Christian University. "Fundamentals of Orchestral Conducting"  presented a balance between theory and practice, of both in-classroom seminars and lab-oriented orchestra and ensemble sessions. The pilot workshop series will now be developed into an orchestral conducting institute, beginning in June 2020 (see above).

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Private lessons and consultations

I am also occasionally able to give private lessons and consultations to aspiring conductors.  Whether you are the conductor of a youth or community orchestra, a student, or are looking to take the next step in your career, we can work in person or online (Skype or Facetime). To request an appointment please email me at